During the 1950s thru 1970s, there was a huge rebellion, another word a revolution in the U.S.
Today the President of the U.S. is Barack Obama who is a black.
He got a position that would have been impossible in the old days.
We should never forget a person, citizens, and the political party that gave a strong belief to peoples mind to today.
With no exaggeration, those we should not forget are the Africa, Malcom x, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Black Panther Party.
They fought risking their lives for freedom of being a human, for proper value of being a human, and for the respected civil rights.
They fought through a deep discrimination from the whites and opposed the violence for their proper life and for their children’s future.
Today, U.S. citizens are living just like nothing ever happened but there is still an invisible deep scar in heart.
After a break-up of the Black Panther Party in the 1970s, they reunited in 1989 as the New Black Panther Party.
Their activity was through a different idea, though there were still people who think highly of the ideology in the old days and continue to admire those great men that made revolution.
Even today, they blend in with the U.S. citizens as nothing ever happened
in the past.
Humis brought up with an explanation, an image of expressing an ideology with a humorous black culture style in the rebellious spirit.
Humis will lay over such history, incidents, and historical person on clothes and merge into a message for people today.