Paint It Black

In the late ’70s to mid ‘80s in New York, graffiti hit its prime and became a well known art genre. From the famous to the unknown, graffiti artists were all hitting up the slums of New York.  

To survive in that world and be noticed, it was a combination of skills and luck. Only by chance, if you work was found, liked, and talked about, it would survive. In a way, it has the same flow as fashion. It was in this time that an artist’s name would became a recognized logo.

In these times, your typical artist, would know at least 3 well known graffiti artists.
In their early days, they didn’t have enough money to buy paper to sketch on, so the streets became their canvas. Each artists tag became a symbol of their freedom.

But even those 3 artists would face rules and regulations against their works of art, logos, symbols of freedom. It made themselves sick, but they would never give up, which lead their lives painting their way into a life of darkness.

These are the times that should be remembered, the enjoyable times, self expression, the freedom at the slum… a part of history told by HUMIS, known as “Paint It Black”, expressed through fashion.