REINALDO ARENAS a Cuban poet and novelist born in 1943.
He presented his first novel at the age of twenty, but under the dictatorship of Castro administration in those days and as being a contrary sexual himself, his words were treated as antigovernment and was not permitted to publish in the country.
He handed his manuscript to a tourist from France and finally published in Europe by anonymity.
Later on, the value of his novel was rapidly acknowledged and swept many awards though as of anonymous publication nothing was there for him…no appreciation, no income, no freedom, nothing….
He was sent to prison in 1973 but succeed a prison break and emigrate to the U.S. as one of refugee in 1980.
He continue to write in New York though in 1987, he found out that he has HIV and committed suicide by taking a fatal dose of sleeping pills.
One man’s extremely gruesome life, who was isolated from freedom because of wishing for too pure freedom.
His representative piece “Before Night Falls” is an autobiography of his whole life.
His bohemian private life as homosexual, the spirit he pursue for a beautiful thing, the rebellious spirit wishing for freedom, and his solitary.
HUMIS finds a chemical reaction that rises when the clothes lay over on Reinaldo’s poet and poetic interest.
We will pass on the materialized reaction as NEWS (new creation) for today.