…Meets Gerda

Who is a historically famous person as a battlefield photographer? When asked, everyone would answer like this.
It is Robert Capa (1913-1954).

But do you know that this name is not real name?
It is said that two photographers, Friedman (male) and Gerda (female) made a fictitious battlefield photographer Robert Capa into the world, sold them to the LIFE magazine of the time and succeeded.

Many of the famous works were photographed by Gerda, and she was a leading figure of the shadow.
Gerda was killed at the young age at the age of 26, and Friedman who became alone became Robert Capa.

There are many mysteries in this background, and it is said that Friedman himself did not tell many things.
Friedman who became famous by meeting Garda ...

HUMIS expresses this thought of Gerda with irregular detail wear.