African Americans had suffered heavy discrimination up until the late ‘80s and although it’s not as severe today, unfortunately it still exists.
During that dark period, they lived amongst the shadows, living in a world that no one took much notice of.
Fortunately, with a few famous sports players and Amazing musicians, a light began to shine down as opportunity in the world began to open up.

HUMIS this season is focused on Jazz Music Culture.
Jazz music played by African Americans has an incredibly strong spirit which came with years of hardship and cultural experiences. It is known as “Soul”, something that can only be expressed and felt through deep emotion.
Soul was not only in music, but also styles, color uses, products… everything.

The youth admired African American Jazz culture, and expressed their spirit by playing jazz music. As many years have passed by, the music culture has changed and so to have the ways of expressing deep emotion. New waves of genres, different styles, strong lyrics and rhythmical sound, heard in many forms, today it is quite common amongst Hip Hop, a small evolution which had grown from what we know as Soul.

The changes of Music culture told by HUMIS, known as the “Jazz Thing”, expressed through fashion.