Teen ScEnes

American teens those longed and being affected by British Bands such as BEATLES, KINKS, and the YARD BIRDS from the early 60’s.
Those teen’s amateur spirits created bands, and garage and public square were their place to practice and this is the origin and how “Garage Rock” have given a name for its genre.
“Garage Rock” was a bit out of an ordinary genre as from its amateur spirit.
They try to preen themselves but immaturity and smell of country college students were feelable which gave an affinity.
Their fashion style became popular among the teens in a flash and conquered the young’s all over the U.S. and even made a big movement in the young’s lifestyle which conversely gave an influence to the golden bands.
This movement proves that it is still being honored in even today’s fashion, their way of dressing down and used styling which differs from the rock style.
Humis will call these historical background, “Teen ScEnes”and have presented in a form of“Clothes”.