A Serbian inventor NIKOLA TESLA.
How many of you know his name?
“Who invented electricity?” most of you will likely answer “Edison”
Practically, he was not an inventor of an electricity but he was the one who built the power system due to DC Current. Namely, he was the first to establish the electric company to supply electricity to people and residents.
Electricity that we use today is mostly AC current (wireless) which was invented by NIKOLA TESLA not the one invented by Edison.
Comparing to DC current, AC current can supply electricity to a large number of people by low cost.
Why Edison is always the big name? not NIKOLA after all his success?
NIKOLA TESLA found the theory of AC Current when he was a student in 1884.
He moved to the states and became an employee of Edison General Electric Company.
During the time he worked in this company, he gave a proposal that his invention AC will be much of a help for people than DC but unfortunately his proposal was turned down and he got fired in a year.
Later NIKOLA established his own electric company though under a strong obstruction from the Edison General Electric Company which he lost many of his colleagues and become alone but he never stopped his invention.
He continued until later years in his life but literally, the acceptance of his invention is now today.
In the 1900s wireless radio by an electromagnetic wave, a weapon that raises vibration, and the space communication were all called and treated as
Scientists today call NIKOLA TESLA the genius who was too early for 100 years.
The lonely time he spent during the 1900s and the researchers who takes over his spirit today.
HUMIS expressed the reaction that the elements from the 2 classical science creates.

“Genius, it means to nullify 99% perspiration by 1% inspiration”
“The present is theirs but the future is mine.”

These are the quotes left by NIKOLA TESLA.
He may be the one who CONTROL the future.